RAJ JYOTISH BALARAM SHASTRI                                 MATRI SHADAK TANTRIK JYOTISH                                  RAJ JYOTISH BALARAM SHASTRI                                 MATRI SHADAK TANTRIK JYOTISH


Kavach (amulet) is a mystical protection shield.Kavach has mystical and spiritual powers to benefit the wearer. It can be designed with sacred geometric patterns, numbers, Sanskrit/other language letters/symbols and chakras in coordination of a cosmic artform.A Kavach is consecrated and energized at a auspiciously selected hour , invoking the powers of the particular deity of the effected planet with mantra and homa/yagnya.

It is powerful remedial measure used to bring the wearer prosperity,good luck , good fortune ,blessings ,peace ,harmony and mystical guidence. It enhances the positiveness of the wearer and removes negativities.It is guard of the evil eye, black magic, obstacles, difficulties and harm.It improves the strength of the planets whist taking out the malefic effect of planets. We specialize in a few varities of Kavach.