RAJ JYOTISH BALARAM SHASTRI                                 MATRI SHADAK TANTRIK JYOTISH                                  RAJ JYOTISH BALARAM SHASTRI                                 MATRI SHADAK TANTRIK JYOTISH


According to Indian ancient Holy Scriptures that the beads of Rudrakasha have immense powers. They are considered to be associated with the eyes or the tears of lord Shiva.

Scientific researches indicate the magnetic and electrical powers of rudraksha seeds obtained from the Rudrakasha tree. The researches have proved that these beads really have the ability to affect neuro physiology of human beings.

Rudraksha Beads have been used for thousands of years as an aid to Self empowerment enlightment. It has electromagnetic properties and that they affect the human body when worn. In addition to this, scientific researches have found that the different faced(mukhi) beads have different electromagnetic qualities. Therefore these beads affect the human life in different supporting ways.

The Rudrakasha beads have the capacity to store electrical energy and also possess permanent magnetic properties changing with the variation in the number of faces on the beads. Rudrakasha seeds are dynamically polar and also posses electromagnetic, paramagnetic and diamagnetic properties.It has power to cure body ailments.The dielectric and magnetic properties of the Rudraksha beads impart positive changes in the bioelectrical system of the human body in a life-supporting manner

It is powerful remedial measure used to bring the wearer prosperity,good luck , good fortune ,blessings ,peace ,harmony and mystical guidence. It enhances the positiveness of the wearer and removes negativities.It is guard of the evil eye, black magic, obstacles, difficulties and harm.It improves the strength of the planets whist taking out the malefic effect of planets. We specialize in a few varities of Kavach.