RAJ JYOTISH BALARAM SHASTRI                                 MATRI SHADAK TANTRIK JYOTISH                                  RAJ JYOTISH BALARAM SHASTRI                                 MATRI SHADAK TANTRIK JYOTISH

Durgapur Tara Maa Seva Sangha. Reg. No. S/1L 81221

Balaram Shastri is among the most trusted names in the field of astrology and other allied services.

We offer complete consultancy, advisory and remedial solutions, which are based on Astrology, Numerology, Vasthu, Palmistry and Horoscope etc. It covers karmic, spiritual and materialistic aspects of any individual.

We offer the most logical solutions, which are based on Ancient Indian Vedic Sciences, considered to be the most authentic in terms of events prediction and their remedial tools. So far as our Vaastu consultation services are concerned, we even offer online solutions on the basis of the blue prints of the sites and other such details. Our Vaastu solutions cover residences, corporate houses, business establishments, houses of influential persons like political people, film fraternity and celebrities.

The results of the remedies suggested have been surprisingly beneficial, which is quite evident from the testimonials received from the clients.